AJR offers you the opportunity to commission a bespoke piece of jewellery. This service tends to be Where you have an idea that you would like to realise but can not find. We have made a solid silver bee the size of a fist to bespoke engagement rings or elaborate pendants.  We can help develop your idea if needs be and as long as its technically feasible we will make it. All precious metals and gemstones are available.



AJR carry out all repairs on our premises in our workshop where we have three working goldsmiths.


Repairs can be from ring sizing, chain repairs, replacement of trigger catches. The list is endless but if you have a query don't hesitate to call in or make an enquiry over the phone or via our contact page. 


We also offer a cleaning and polishing service and rhodium plating (dipping).



AJR offers a unique service in that if you have unworn jewellery that has sentimental value or jewellery that isn't to taste. We can remould it to make something more desirable  Using gemstones and your precious metal you can have a new piece of jewellery while retaining sentimental value etc. for more information feel free to contact us.



AJR offers a valuation service on different levels. A written valuation for insurance purposes for replacement value. A verbal valuation over the counter (for prices please contact us). Also a scrap value in which we do offer to buy scrap in all precious metals at a competitive rate.